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I have been helping people on their healing journey since 1998. After several years of varied clinical experience in Brisbane, West Africa, and Scotland, I had some great hands-on skills to add to my University of Queensland degree. Manual Therapy, Clinical Pilates and Acupuncture were the mainstays of my approach and patient results were good. 


Then in 2003 I began to also focus on alignment. I learned from renowned Sydney physio Dr Barbara Hungerford how to re-establish pelvic and spinal symmetry using precise positioning with gentle muscle activation. This boosted treatment effectiveness so much it quickly became my passion.

After a personal health crisis I also became interested in the nutritional causes and treatments relevant to pain and injury. In my current practice I take a holistic approach with comprehensive assessment and attention to the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual elements of wellbeing.


You already know that your posture, strength, and pain are inextricably linked. But if you add asymmetry of your pelvis or spine, full recovery becomes elusive. Falls, tackles, lifting injuries, some surgical procedures, pregnancy and childbirth, or even just repeated movements in poor posture can produce asymmetry, or 'malalignment'.

Your pelvis is the foundation stone of your spine and the root source of your muscular power. Diagnosing and treating malalignment is a critical first step for some types of spinal and pelvic pain, many shoulder complaints, knee and elbow overuse injuries, recurrent groin and other muscle tears, and more. Restoring correct alignment unlocks flawed movement patterns so they can be replaced with healthy ones. From there you can rebuild lasting stability and strength on a balanced foundation.


  • B.Phty (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) University of Queensland - 1997

The University of Queensland Physiotherapy degree is world-renowned for its focus on comprehensive bio-mechanical assessments, manual therapy and tailored exercise prescription. I am also an accredited Dry Needling practitioner and Clinical Pilates Instructor with equipment and matwork certification. 

  • MA (Master of Arts) Australian College of Theology - 2006

My MA thesis explored the links between physical pain and spirituality. I wanted to understand how our spiritual beliefs impact on our pain and recovery experience. These insights help me now as I endeavour to understand and treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

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