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Rachel Thornton

My physiotherapy journey began as a patient, when I sprained my ankle at 8 years of age. I understand the courage it takes to put your body, your wellbeing into someone else's hands. Don't ever hesitate to ask a question or state how a treatment or exercise makes you feel. You are our best resource as we tackle your recovery together.

What To Expect

When you attend WellSpring Physiotherapy online or in person you will receive my full attention for the duration of your appointment. If you have filled out your initial questionnaire online there will just be a few more questions to answer before the physical assessment gets underway. Don't worry if you haven't had time to answer all the pre-appointment questions. I allow a generous amount of time for your first appointment so that the assessment is thorough and so that treatment and re-education can begin immediately.


Before long we will have a working diagnosis and an understanding of the cause/s of your issue. I will begin treatment, then teach you how to continue to reduce your pain and refer you for further tests if necessary. If you wish, your GP will be informed of your visit and treatment plan. You will also have an exercise prescription so that you can begin to manage and treat your injury yourself between visits. You can even download a free app onto your phone and take your exercises with you everywhere you go! It is essential that you do your exercises regularly to get the maximum benefit. 


How To Prepare For Your Appointment

Before you come please take the time to fill out the online questionnaire if you can. Dress in comfortable, loose clothing without buckles or zips if possible, or bring something to change into. Bring with you any Doctor's referrals, reports, and the results of scans or X-rays. These will be copied and returned to you.

Of course, if you are unwell you must not attend your appointment in person. In this scenario there will be no charge for a late cancellation, and if you are well enough you will be offered a Telehealth appointment instead.

If you are attending an online or Telehealth appointment, please click on the link to enter the virtual waiting room a few minutes before your appointment time. Where possible have a smartphone handy so that we can switch the call over and you can point the camera directly at your area of concern. 

Please note, the treatment table at our Peel St Clinic is rated to 150 kilograms maximum. 

Your Information and Our Privacy Policy


In accordance with the Privacy Act 2000, Wellspring is committed to the open and transparent management of your personal and health information. We understand that it is important for you to be informed as to why we collect certain information about your health, how we use it at Wellspring, and how it is protected.


Our commitment in this regard is as follows:


  1. The health details collected will be used to inform treatment and, with your consent, to communicate with other health practitioners as necessary. In most cases, written communication pertaining to your treatment will also be copied to you.

  2. Personal details such as name, date of birth, and contact information are used to identify you. These identifiers are concealed from other patients and are not shared with any other party without your consent. You are entitled to use a pseudonym if desired. 

  3. Disclosure of personal details will be minimised when possible, when communicating with other health professionals.

  4. We may use parts of your health information to provide context for ongoing learning with clinical mentors. Your anonymity will be preserved in these instances.

  5. When taking your history we collect and record information about accidents and injuries, medical issues, medications, your occupation and leisure activities. This information enables the holistic and comprehensive management of your condition. It is treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times.

  6. Your referral documents, imaging records, patient history, and relevant correspondence is stored securely using cloud-based software with 2-step identity verification. We use an Australian provider of Patient Management Software who are careful to adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles, and do not access your information unless we request them to. Their overseas and Australian partners are also bound to adhere to these principles.

  7. Wellspring does not collect special categories of your personal data, - like ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation etc - as this information is irrelevant to the safe and effective delivery of physiotherapy care. 

  8. Your information is not used for any marketing purposes, by Wellspring or by any third parties.

  9. Your medicare number, if provided, is stored in a secure online merchant platform in order to facilitate the rapid processing of your Medicare claim.

  10. At any time you can email a request to anonymise your data. For legal and insurance purposes Wellspring is require to retain your patient record, however you may request it to be archived when your treatment is completed.


Please email to request your data if required, or to raise any concerns you may have regarding this privacy policy.

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