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If you are self-isolating or in a remote location, we can come to you via a secure Telehealth link. Diagnosis from afar is possible when your physio has treated patients in clinic for over 20 years. Many muscle and joint problems are effectively treated with specific advice and exercise therapy. Rest assured that if your issue is not compatible with Telehealth service delivery you will be referred to a local service.


Experienced hands can sense subtle joint motion deficits, muscle tension and trigger points, and connective tissue tightness. They can assess tissue integrity and skeletal alignment. Best of all experienced hands know where and how hard to push to restore joint suppleness and relieve muscular tension without creating excessive pain or post-treatment tenderness. For precise therapy, hands beat machines, hands down!

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Your body goes through immense changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Rachel is equipped to assist you with assessment and treatment of spinal and pelvic pain, appropriate and effective exercise, labour pain-relief planning, post-birth rehabilitation, and postural or ergonomic advice as you navigate the many physically demanding tasks of motherhood.


Every body is different, so every injury is unique. Your exercise prescription will take into account your goals and capacity, and provide you with the means to rehab your own body at home. We use a great platform called Telehab, which delivers the carefully selected exercises in your personal program to your inbox. If you choose to add the free app to your phone it allows us to watch and monitor your performance.

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Children can come with their own unique musculo-skeletal issues. As a former Early Intervention physio Rachel can help! Uneven head-shape, neck tightness, hip dysplasia, and turned-in feet can all be addressed with physio advice or treatment. As they progress towards the toddler years developmental concerns and delays might emerge. Kids heal quickly, but some childhood injuries do need treatment.  If you child still complains of pain a week after an injury it is worth an assessment. A few well-timed interventions can prevent a life-time of trouble.


Dry Needling uses acupuncture needles to treat trigger points in your muscles which can be potent sources of local and referred pain. It can be applied very gently or more aggressively, both with great effect. Rachel selects anatomical points proven to stimulate your neurological, vascular, and muscle systems in order to encourage tissue healing. 

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